Thai Property Laws does not allow an alien to wholly own property in Thailand. There are six options for foreigners to acquire real estate as follows:

1. Marriage

Foreigner with a Thai spouse can own land under the spouse’s name.

2. Investment

A foreigner who invests at least 40 million Baht for minimum 5 years can acquire the land for use as residence but the land shall not be more than one rai ( 1,600 square meter). An exception to the foreign ownership rules applies to Board of Investment (BOI) and Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) projects. Under those projects, special privileges are given to some companies to buy land. Permission from the Minister of Interior must be obtained.

3. Lease

The property may be leased to a foreigner for up to 30 years, with possible renewal for another 30 years. Leases of more than three years need to be registered with the Land Office. Otherwise, they will be valid for only three years.

4. In a Name of Company

Company incorporated in Thailand which is more than 50% Thai-owned may legally own land.

5. Structure Ownership

Foreigner may own buildings on land that is leased, because there are no restrictions on building ownership. Foreigner can thus lease land and construct a building, office tower, apartment, or house on the leased land and own the structure.

6.Condominium Ownership

The Land Laws allows certain groups of foreigners ( both individuals and juristic persons) to acquire condominium units in Thailand, provided that the foreign ownership in condominium project does not exceed, in the aggregate, 49% of the total area of all condominium units in the condominium building.